If good quality landscaping and construction work, dependable service at reasonable prices are important to you, then COS General Construction is the right company for you.

COS General Construction has been my landscaping contractor for the past 6 years or so. I have contracted Sam Chavez for landscaping work, and lately for construction work. Each time Sam has proven that he is dependable, intelligent and cares for the quality of work and customer satisfaction.

Sam is easy to contact and talk to. He is responsive on his smartphone via text messages, phone calls and e-mails. Most of the times, I needed to only roughly describe the desired outcome, and he is intelligent to figure out what had to be done under the stipulated the time constraints, brought in the crew appropriate for the work, guided and supervised them and saw the job done well.

COS is not the cheapest, but I do not mind paying for a contractor who is good at electronic communication, pleasant to deal with, intelligent to understand the desired outcome, and takes accountability to get the job done well.

Whenever I need something done, my first thought is to call COS General Construction.

Simply put, none will be disappointed in contracting COS for any landscaping or construction work.
- Srinivasan Ravikumar

Samuel Chavez and his employees at COS General Construction did a lot of work for our property within several years. They have been doing for us such jobs as: Patio, Fall clean up, Fence repair, Painting garage, Gutter cleaning, Snow removal.

They always do their jobs with care and excellence.

They are also very nice people and it is a pleasure to have them for yearly service.
- Mila, North Andover

I know Sam Chavez for several years. Years ago I hired COS General Construction to build a paver patio. They did a high quality job in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. Besides their quality of work, I was delightfully enjoyed interacting with Sam. He is easy to work with and is very reliable. Since the first patio project COS General Construction has completed several exterior projects for us at our house and for our neighbors whom I referred. The following is a list of projects COS has provided an excellent service for:

I would highly recommend Sam and COS General Construction as excellent professionals with skills to do/manage diverse home maintenance projects.
- Summan Putel